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New Adult, Jan ’15

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In 2040, the music industry is more cutthroat than ever. When once multi-platinum selling artist Kelly Brite’s daughter Riley lands in Nashville with no money and no where to go, she’s signed by Crazy Kings label. Immediately rebranding her as Ryman Brite, the label has hungry hopes of recapturing the fame and success of her long lost mother, no matter the cost.

In the near future technology, drugs, bribery and lies are currency. Ryman will do anything to become the new industry darling with the help of an equally ambitious and attractive sound engineer Slate Stern. Together the two ride and abuse each other’s coattails to the top. But when Ryman and Slate uncover the deadly secret Music Row executives have been hiding and craft a plan to reveal it at the Grammy’s, the truth comes out about what actually happened to Kelly Brite and whether Ryman belongs to anyone at all.

In this fast paced, New Adult romantic thriller Ryman fights her mother’s ghost, a tragic love story, and her sanity to get a taste of success and stay alive doing it.

Industry Darling delivers twists, turns, mystery, romance, and a futuristic rags-to-riches story that’s both disturbingly dark and wickedly fun.” – Rebecca Phillips, author of OUT OF NOWHERE and FAKING PERFECT

“It’s a heart-pounding non-stop ride to the finish that I never saw coming. I couldn’t put it down and almost missed my train stop.” – Katherine Locke, author of Second Position & the District Ballet Company series (Spring 2015)

“Warning: INDUSTRY DARLING is just as addictive and seductive as the future Nashville it depicts. Dark, funny, and gritty, Riley’s story will keep you turning the page until the roaring conclusion.” – Diana Gallagher, author of What Happens In Water