I live in Nashville.

I write books.

I don’t do a lot of happy endings.

Sorry (not sorry).

I train in Krav Maga and Jiujitsu.

I love doing make up (including costume make up).

I love big dogs and horses and little dogs and cats.

I’m obsessed with audiobooks.

Tomatoes really freak me out.

I used to work in the music industry and design magazines.

One time Taylor Swift invited me TO HER HOUSE and we pinky swore and had a dance party (aka. the Nashville 1989 Secret Session).

Oh, right, I also love Taylor Swift. I’ve loved her since I was 18 and you can’t talk me out of it.

In fact, if I’m ever in a really terrible mood and being really difficult, all you have to do is play “Our Song,” and I’ll be the happiest.

Industry Darling is my new adult debut.

I wrote my first book in college as part of a semester long project just to see if I could actually finish one.

I’m very scared of getting in trouble. Very. Scared. Of. It. Getting arrested is one of my biggest fears. Also, spiders.

I’m represented by Carly Watters. She’s fab.

(Oh, and if you give me a French Bulldog or a Great Dane, I’ll be your BFF for forever. Just putting it out there.)